Monday, February 04, 2008

Inspirations and Musings

We've just finished Week Three at Blogging4Educators about RSS and Tagging. What an amazing week learning about how to aggregate feeds, and I finally got Google Reader set up. Then, the sharing continued as we wrote and tagged posts for the Blogging4Educators challenge. I have learned so much this week not only about technology, but also about the people behind the blogs! What struck me most as I read each post this week was the passion for teaching and learning that comes through in each and every blog.

Through the power of RSS and tagging, I found inspirational blog posts:

"RSS Reminds me of how the Brain Works"
by Sibel on Unfolding the Black Box. Sibel's great post so clearly explains the concept of RSS, and likens it to the brain. Carla A shared Sibel's post with the group in our Wiziq session tonight. You've got to read it!

"Thank you, Carla" was posted on Natasa's blog. The feeling she describes of realizing her dream of writing was so inspiring. I'll never forget the feeling of "becoming a loud voice in the blogosphere" -- Thanks, Gladys!!

"Tell us your story"
was posted on Teacher's Beliefs by Angela. She asked participants in Blogging4Educators to share their stories of how they became teachers. Really inspiring!

And here are three creative and inspiring blogs:
Waterblog A beautiful art blog by Vicky.
Inspirations A tribute to inspirational people by Dennis O.
Life is a Feast Ana Maria's creative use of images and widgets always inspires!

There were many wonderful blog posts this week as part of the Blogging4Educators challenge. My list includes the ones that inspired me this week, and reminded me why I am staying up until past midnight every night to read, reflect, and comment on blogs!! Comments really do make a difference, so stop by our Pageflakes for all the links to the moderators' participants' blogs, and see what they have to say as they venture into the blogging world.

Good night!


Carla Arena said...

Dear Mary,

You are also an inspiration to all of us! I feel the same of what I see going on in our session, and this year I guess we've moved forward and have been using the power of RSS and tagging to its fullest. Connections are being made, conversations being developed. I have no words to describe how proud I am to belong to all these interactions and being inspired to each one in the group.

A BIG thank you for being there with us!

Mary H said...

Hi Carla,
It is truly inspirational to be part of the Blogging Team! We are always coming up with new ideas and I just love it. Can't wait to meet you in NYC and share Blogging4Educators with more people!