Friday, March 01, 2013


I had a great time blogging this week and had a chance to interact with educators around the world and here in Japan. In fact, through Thomas' post F2F Instructional strategies and comment here, I had a great chance to reconnect with one of the first people I met when I moved to Japan 10 years ago. Also, he informed me that my globalcookbook international collaborative project appears on the Voicethread 4 Education wiki EFL & ESL page. Although I haven't worked on this project for a while, I'm happy to see that it might still be inspiring other educators.

To finish off this full week of blogging, I'd like to recommend this random collection of recent and interesting articles:

Five habits of great students: Lessons from top-ranked STEM school
Studying the humanities, developing good habits, and choosing one's own reading material

How to have the best. appointment. ever.
Be prepared before consulting a tutor (or teacher) about your writing.

The Disposable Worker

The 30 Scariest Books Ever Written
The Stranger by Albert Camus is on this list so it caught my attention. Do you agree with the author's picks?

8 New Punctuation Marks we Definitely Need
Just for fun!

Have a good weekend!

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