Friday, November 07, 2008

Online Circles of Learning

Carla Arena and I gave a presentation called Online Circles of Learning: Your Micro-revolution for the Network of Trainers in Europe Conference. Our abstract: New and emergent technologies enable trainers all over the globe to pursue professional development out of their institutional settings. Connections are now possible in new dimensions of the online world. In this session, presenters will show some possibilities of informal learning through the participation in Communities of Practice, online sessions and spaces that can impact positively on the way trainers learn and enhance their professional development.

We had a fabulous time presenting, although the time went too fast- we had 15 minutes to present! During the 20 minute discussion that followed, we had some great questions and discussed the concept of "amplified worker" in more detail. According to The Future of Work, the amplified worker is someone who is social, improvisational, collective, and augmented - the worker for the future who uses social media for his or her own professional development. Check out our slides below and if you'd like more information, and see what online spaces and communities of practice Carla and I use during a day in our amplified lives! We also invite you to go to our wiki page where you can also join in the conversation on our Voicethread.


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