Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Exploring Diigo with Learning with Computers

learningwithcomputers07 wiki / online_bookmarking3


We're exploring Diigo this month at Learning with Computers!  This week we're in week three and I'm just exploring creating a blog post through Diigo.  If you have the Diigo toolbar installed, you can click on the Send button to send your links elsewhere on the web, like to a blog, Twitter, or Facebook.  I thought I would share this link to our Diigo week three tasks.  Please join us and check out my Diigo profile to see what I've been up to!



Illya said...

Hi Mary
I just wanted to draw your attention to the sticky note I made through diigo :-)

Carla Arena said...

Dear Mary,

Thanks for being there with us! Yesterday I posted a thank you note to the group wrapping up this fantastic month together.

Let's keep sharing!

Mary H said...

Thanks Illya and Carla! It was a lot of fun to explore Diigo with you this month. Looking forward to learning more with you throughout the rest of the LwC sessions this year.

Spenco Insoles said...

It is a good bookmarking site for sharing with more friends.