Saturday, May 17, 2008

I was tagged and now I'm it!!

Ana Maria tagged me to answer these questions, inspired by Larry Ferlazzo.

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Since today is my birthday, that means 10 years ago I was celebrating my 22nd birthday and getting ready to graduate from college! At that time, my goal was to get a job teaching English in another country; although I took a few detours getting here, I'm happy to say that is exactly what I'm doing now.

5 Things you have to do today (for me, things I WANT to do!)...
For my birthday, I talked to my mom and my mother-in-law; I ate lunch with my family; took my daughter on campus and sat in front of the fountain; and tonight I'll go to dinner with my husband.

Snacks I enjoy...
pistachios, raisins, blueberries, apples, peanut butter, and chocolate of course!

Things I would do if I were a billionaire...
Visit my family and friends more often and travel to new places.

Three of my bad habits...
Eating too much sugar, eating too much sugar, and eating too much sugar!! Enough said!

5 Places I have lived...
I have lived in every corner of the state of Ohio; 2 cities in Japan; and the many summers spent in Quebec make it feel like home too!

5 Jobs I've had...
manager at a restaurant and retail store; periodicals assistant at a college library; volunteer teacher for Migrant Farm Workers; online English composition instructor for a community college; ESL/EFL teacher in the U.S and Japan.

5 People I want to know more about...
Patricia, Carla, Berta, Carla, and Daniela


Sue Waters said...

Happy Birthday Mary! Hope you had an excellent day :)(but it sounds like you have). Mmmm my bad habits are chocolate.

nagora said...

Dear Mary,

I am thinking of you and your Birthday from the very morning. So, my best wishes to you and yours on your sweet day and night. I guess, I am too late for today greetings - you will read it tomorrow morning then.
Lots of love and happiness through the life.

Hugs and XXXX


Ana Maria said...

Dear Mary,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May God grant you with wonderful moments in life!!!!!! Loved to learn more about you. Do you intend to go back to the States?


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Happy Birthday, dea Mary!!! I hope you had a great day. All my love from Argentina.

Mary H said...

Thank you for the comments and birthday wishes!

Welcome to my blog, Sue! Hope to see you again soon ;)

Berta said...

Dearest Mary,
Happy belated birthday.
My daughter´s birthday is the 19th, two days later, so I will never forget yours again, ;-) ... she turns 27 and lives in Toronto.

I will answer the meme ASAP. I played it last year at Open webpublishing with Bee and Patricia.

Thanks for thinking about me.

My best wishes and hoping your birthday was fantastic,

Cariños, Berta

Berta said...

Hi Mary, it´s me again.
I already tagged 6 other people. You can read what I had to say here:

Cariños, Berta

Mary H said...

Thank you, Berta for the birthday wishes and for writing a post for this meme! It really has been a lot of fun to follow along and learn things about others. During Blogging4Educators, we used the tag "b4echallenge" to do something similar; we wrote posts sharing 5 things that others probably didn't know about us. FUN!

Carla Arena said...

Dear Marysita,

On your birthday I was thinking of you, but was traveling, so here's my belated wish of a wonderful year full of fun and interesting projects, love and joy!

I'll write my post now!


Illya said...

HI Mary
I just wanted to respond on your blog too! Did you get the flickr message with your b-day flowers? Too bad the blossoms didn't last long due to the heavy rains.


doris3m said...

Dear, Mary! Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lot of fun! I am sure you got a lot of hugs and kisses and love from all over the world... well, here it is my share of hugs, kisses and love for you. It is never late when you get those delicious presents!

I am going to follow your meme with my guys..Keep on shining!

Mary H said...

Thanks Carla, Illya, and Doris for the birthday wishes!

I think one assignment for the comment challenge was to analyze which type of posts generate the most interest and comments. It seems that when I post something about myself here, there are many comments! Through the meme game, and the B4E challenge, I shared some more personal things, and it was a lot of fun, although a little off the main theme of technology explorations ;)