Saturday, January 12, 2008

Blogging4Educators 2008 EVO Session

It isn't that long until the kick-off event for TESOL's EVO 2008! This year, I am going to co-moderate the session Blogging4Educators with a fabulous group of bloggers: Carla A, Gladys, Erika, Ana Maria, Nina, Carla R, Claudia, Cris, Vance, and Dennis. It is so exciting to share and learn with them. Even though I have never met them face-to-face, we have been working together on a regular basis over the past six months preparing for the session. Their messages greet me every morning, and because we are all in different time zones, it seems like at least one of us is always working on the session!

We are going to explore both Blogger and Wordpress. Since I have been blogging with Blogger, Ana Maria and I have been working on our Blogging4Educators Blogger blog. It is always exciting to create a new blog, knowing that it will soon become a collaborative space for sharing personal reflections and experiences. Carla A and Carla R have been busy creating Blogging4Educators edublog. We are all eagerly awaiting the official start date of the session - January 14.

The next six weeks promise to be exciting, enriching, and undoubtedly exhausting as well. After EVO finishes, some of us will gather at TESOL's Annual Convention in New York, New York! In fact, Carla A and I will give a presentation for the Electronic Village Fair about our Blogging4Educators session.

Hope you will join us online or in New York. Here is an introduction to our session:

This six-week EVO2008 workshop (Jan 14th to Feb 24th, 2008) aims at introducing teachers with no extensive experience in blogging to different ways in which this technique can be integrated into their teaching and professional development.

By the end of the workshop, you will have experimented with creating and enhancing blogs, posting and editing entries, inviting members to your blogs and commenting on others' blogs - using either Blogger or Wordpress platforms. You will also have explored blog comment management, template personalization, tagging (labeling) and RSS (really simple syndication).

You can join us, and follow the session by visiting our Yahoo! Group.

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Larry Ferlazzo said...


I hope you'll consider contributing to the next ESL/EFL Carnival, and maybe have people participating in your group to do the same:


Mary H said...

Hi Larry,
Thank you so much for your suggestion! Participating in blogging carnivals is a great way to share information and engage in the blogging community. I will try not to forget about the ESL/EFL carnival this month!!