Monday, January 08, 2007

Got EVO?

Only one more week until EVO 2007!

This year, I'm going to participate in Becoming a Webhead 07. Last year, I also joined BaW, and I was so amazed to learn about creative ways of using technology and developing professionally. This year, my goal is to make more progress and to actually become a webhead!
In addition, I'll also participate in Blogging for Beginners; it should motivate me to develop another blog project, Bilingual Babble, which is about raising children bilingually. I've also joined Teaching with PowerPoint.
EVO is going to be a crazy six weeks, full of learning, exploring, and sharing with like-minded colleagues around the world. I can't wait to get started and hope to see you there!


CarlaR said...

Hi Mary!

I'll also join BaW again this year.
I look forward to collaborating and sharing the thrill and excitement of this mega-session with teachers from all over the world.

"See" you there,

Carla Raguseo

Mary said...

Hi Carla! We are going to have so much fun exploring new online tools and interacting with a diverse group of teachers!

Nina Liakos said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for visiting my 1st blog, which is still one of my favorites! You must be very busy with all you have taken on, plus working and parenting! You are awesome!
Nina (MD)

Mary H said...

You are an awesome blogger and all of your blogs are so professional!

Even though I've joined three sessions, so far I have only been able to actively participate in one, but I'm following along in the others. Maybe now that classes are over, I'll have more time.

See you soon!

Dennis said...

Hi, Mary.

What a terrific blog! I like the way it looks, but what I like even more are the banner ("One Teacher's Journey") plus the summary "A place to reflect on professional development opportunities . . .") and your 1-28-07 post called "Reflections on B4B Weeks 1 & 2." In the "Reflections" post, you provided a very good summary of highlights for B4B thus far.

I'm also impressed with earlier posts on "One Teacher's Journey," particularly the many photos displayed here.

I completely understand what you mean by "Even though sometimes I feel overwhelmed . . . " because I sometimes feel the same way; however, I also share your feeling that "I'm impressed at how much knowledge and experience has been shared and how much everyone has learned . . . ."

This workshop is a wonderful learning experience, isn't it?

Your blog is already well developed, but I wish you all success in adding even more content, extra features, and stimulating learning activities!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix

Mary H said...

Hi Dennis,
Thanks for your comment! I admire all the blogs that you have worked on and hope to start blogging with my students in the future. It seems that blogs are a great tool to connect students from different parts of the world and to break down cultural stereotypes.