Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Choosing an Educational Blog Host

After last week's discussion at Blogging for Beginners, I'm wondering which educational blog host our members have chosen to use with their classes. Also, I'm eager to try out this new "Help Me Choose" widget from Kaboodle; its only drawback is that I can only include three choices. So, if you had to choose from Blogger, WordPress, or Free ESL Blogs, which one would you choose?


Jose Antonio said...

Hi Mary,
Congratulations on your nice looking and interesting blog. Concerning you question, I think I would choose a wordpress blog. Wordpress is the one I used the most in my classes. I like the way it works. I cannot say it is perfect but it works for me.

Mary H said...

Thanks, Jose!

So far the poll results are
Blogger: 2 and Wordpress:1!

I've just started to explore Wordpress and it does work well, but I'm still more familiar with Blogger. The great thing about EVO is the chance to try many new things and find what works best for us and our specific needs! I'll let you know which one I settle on when the new semester starts in April!

pab said...

Hey Mary!

Please let me second Jose's comments on such an interesting blog! I liked the tag cloud in the sidebar so much that I added kushikatsu to my network.

Re: the blog choices question: I too am more familiar with Blogger. I even set up another yesterday, but have encountered a couple of minor glitches:

1) Google username is no longer enough to log in; if you signed up with gmail, you need to add the "...@gmail..." part.

2) Though I quickly changed the new blog to unlisted, it still appears listed while one I unlisted before the Blogger change-over does not.

So much for familiarity. I'm going to go try again with something wordpressy.

Cheers, Paul

PS: Thanks for the B4B mailing list pointer to that interesting article on copyright/creativecommons.

Mary H said...

Hi Paul,
I've enjoyed our continuing discussion of blog hosts. Like you, I've been exploring Wordpress, but then decided to jump into Motime as well. We'll see what happens!

Thanks for your kind comments about my blog and enjoy the bookmarks ;)

Thedarkdragon said...

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