Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wiki Wiki Wiki

Last week, I attended a session at Tapped In with Adam Frey from
Wikispaces. Tapped In is a wonderful resources for educators, providing an array of opportunities to interact with other professionals online. In fact, this was the first event and I attended there, and it was a positive experience; I'm hoping to have the time to explore Tapped In more.

During the wiki presentation, we had a chance to create our own account with Wikispaces, and to begin building our wikis. It seems very user-friendly. The moderation page is easy to understand and allows you to invite people; upload text, visual effects, or sound; and to manage various aspects of your wiki. For the moment, my wiki is not ready to share, so in the meantime, I wanted to share a few of
the highlights of this wonderful session in hopes that they may be useful to you!

Wikispace's Educational Wiki

Some examples of Educational Wikis made using Wikispaces are available (Scroll down to find Westwood space and Aristotle Experiment Space)

A special offer from Wikispaces for K-12 teachers

On a related note, four teachers at our school are using a PB Wiki to collaborate on group work. Although we've just begun this, it looks like it will be a useful way to encourage everyone in our group to contribute. Wikis certainly are a fast way to publish material online!

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