Monday, October 09, 2006

Professional Development Survey

During BaW 06, I realized the dedication to professional development and amazing productivity levels of fellow BaWers. When we were exploring online survey tools, I created this survey. Click here to take survey If you haven't already taken the survey, please give it a try!

If you wouldlike to incorporate technology into your classes, but you feel that you don’t have enough time or expertise, then online surveys might be for you! They provide a quick and easy way for teachers and students to create original online materials for the English classroom. For example, they are a convenient way for students to collect primary data; links to student surveys could be posted on blogs. They are also useful for teachers who would like to administer online tests, quizzes, and worksheets and can be used for pre or post reading activities too.

Sites where you can create surveys include
Survey Monkey
Survey Builder


Anonymous said...

You are awesome and I miss you...I'm so glad you are doing this. This is a great idea

Mary Hillis said...

I miss seeing you too, Dorinda! But luckily, we can still "meet" online. Even our babies have become experts at Yahoo! Messenger, haven't they? Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mary,
I especially like the idea of "backing up into" the original survey questions, because it makes the students think and at the same time practices question forms, which are often problematic, not only for beginners, but for some higher level students, too.
It was good you reminded me about KWL - so many ideas, some fade in my memory! Can you tell me which survey tool would be good for a "beginner" like me? Also, I and my students are somewhat limited in Internet access...can you suggest something?
Sincerely, Mary, too

Mary Hillis said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your feedback on the reading lesson plan; I'm looking forward to discussing student-centered learning more with you.
From my experience, I found Survey Monkey to be quite user friendly. In a near future post, I will try to explore some online survey tools in more detail.